Where the heck did relaxation massage start?

Where were you 5,000 years ago…

That is when massage started and possibly even earlier then that. It all started in India with a therapy called Ayurveda. In this include diet and herbal-ism, aromatherapy, color therapy, sound therapy and touch therapy. Does this sound familiar? In modern massage we do all these. Drinking water, peppermint on the feet, lavender to relax, calm colored walls and decor, relaxing sounds, and of course the massage.

Massage has been everywhere in the world from Japan to Europe and finally in the 20th century massage has made its way to America. Slowly people are beginning to see the benefits that massage has for their health and well being.

We feel that massage can change the world. America will be less stressed and happier with a simple massage once or twice a month! So help us make this happen. Refer friends and family, continue to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, here on our website, Blog, and sign up to get our monthly news letter.

Have a great month

See you in September!

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