“Thank you so much. It was very relaxing.” Luciane V 9/16/17

“Very enjoyable!” Matt G

“Great massage!” Emily G 9/16/17

“Most enjoyable & relaxing. Just what I needed from the day to day activities. Would recommend for anyone looking to relax.” Josh P 9/9/17

“Very enjoyable and relaxing. Made our stay more enjoyable. Very professional & friendly.” Stacey P 9/9/17

“Well done, very relaxing.” Rick S 8/26/17

“Wonderful!” Heather S 8/26/17

“April was amazing. Just the right touch!! Thank you.”  Nadine G 8/19/17

“Awesome Performance! Excellent, until next time Thank you!” Eli R 8/19/17

“Very relaxing, could tell she was knowledgeable.” Lorena Q 8/19/17

“Very relaxing & comfortable.” Steven Q 8/19/17

“Wonderful experience, excellent massage, exactly what I needed.” Kristen K 8/6/17

“Good pressure. I feel very relaxed, enjoyed the massage.” Raymond G 7/22/17

“Great! Very relaxing! Thank You” Rebecca S 7/22/17

“The massage I received from April was so relaxing & enjoyable. A great touch to an already relaxing weekend” Meredith G 7/22/17

“Wonderful Experience. Felt like a million bucks! Thank you” Andrew S 7/6/17

“Very thorough and relaxing! I enjoyed it very much!” Jennie L 7/6/17

“Loved every second of it!” Jeffrey L 7/6/17

“Wonderful experience. Relaxing and comfortable.” Gonca E 7/3/17

“Very relaxing massage. Exceeded my expectations.” Dominick L 7/3/17

“That was amazing!!!!” Kenny P 6/29/17

“Very relaxing and professional. Enticing smells & soothing music.” Jean P 6/29/17

“I had a wonderful massage. Very relaxing.” Debbie M 6/22/17

“It was definitely very relaxing.” Steven M 6/22/17

“Great beginning of a relaxing weekend” Ute B 6/17/17

“Just wonderfully relaxing” Harold B 06/17/17

“Amazing addition to my visit! Perfect massage/very professional & relaxing.” Amy R 6/16/17

“It was amazing, so relaxing and you knew where I needed it the most. Thanks so much!” Joaquin M 6/5/17

“You guys are great! Super relaxing. Thank you ever so much.” Amber M 6/5/17

“Very relaxing & nice addition to our get away!” Nicole F 5/27/17

“Excellent – Thank you.” Bob F Jr 5/27/17

“Wonderful! Perfect!” Kate D 5/27/17

“Absolutely wonderful. I feel so relaxed and refreshed. A perfect addition to our stay.” Mark B 5/27/17

“Very relaxing. Excellent experience.” Scott L 5/22/17

“Relaxing, perfect compliment to our stay.” Trina L 5/21/17

“You guys ROCK!!!!!!” Bill D 5/20/17

“Everything was great!” Kristen D 5/20/17

“It was very relaxing. April took special care of my injured area, Thank you.” Dana C 5/13/17

“Excellent massage. Quick and efficient set up. Great experience.” Frank C 5/13/17

“Wonderful massage!” Denise C 5/13/17

“One of the best massages I’ve ever had. April really hit every spot! She’s very friendly and understood all of my aches.” Bibi Y 5/11/17

“Very relaxing and all my needs were met.” Imtiaz H 5/11/17

“Excellent!” Barbara K 5/6/17

“I loved it!” LaTonya S 5/6/17

“Was great for my first massage – thank you!!!” Melissa D 4/23/17

“Very relaxing. Almost fell asleep.” Chris D 4/23/17

“Very relaxing!” Teresa C 4/14/17

“Absolutely wonderful, highly recommend, very nice personality.” Marcy G 4/9/17

“April did a wonderful job. I had a massage on my birthday and it was truly relaxing.” Daman Y 4/8/17

“Excellent and relaxing!” Lindsay G 4/8/17

“Wonderful, relaxing massage would highly recommend to all guests.” Lauren K 2/11/17

“Very relaxing and soothing.” Tashanya S 2/11/17

“Amazing, I fell asleep during my session.” Braulio S 2/11/17

“Perfect pressure – very professional. Great massage! Very relaxing!” Sharon B 2/4/17

“Very relaxing – Professional – Great” Michael B 2/4/17

“Very relaxing massage, did everything professionally, very happy with the results. Will do it again.” Jonathan B 2/2/17

“Very relaxing! Perfect start to our weekend. Extremely professional and perfect from start to finish. Thanks so much!” Kelsea M 2/2/17

“Amazing!! My back needed serious work, she too the time to give me exactly what I needed.” Blanca 1/7/17

“Life changing.” Paul 1/7/17