Corporate Chair Massage

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Progressive corporations know how important it is to keep in touch – and not just with their market, but with their employees, with advances in health and wellness, and of course, with their bottom line. That’s why so many companies are getting in touch, literally, through our on-site chair massage programs. Contact Corporate Soul today, and put your entire workforce in excellent hands.

Our visits are guaranteed to keep your employees productive, energetic and feeling good about themselves and their careers. A good chair massage is a great perk that leaves your employees feeling perky – it’s guaranteed to pay for itself in productivity and positive energy. The effects of incorporating Mobile Massage into a wellness initiative can provide benefits to both employees AND employers. We like to think that once we get your employee in the massage chair and let them experience the effects of our massage therapist’s skills, they’ll definitely be back for more.

A 15-minute chair massage has many demonstrated therapeutic benefits.

  • Decreases job stress, increases alertness and improves productivity.
  • Reducing stress reduces the number of lost work days and also reduces medical and disability payments.
  • Reducing stress lowers employee turnover and also eases the task of recruiting new workers.
  • Plus, a low-stress work environment is just plain more fun to work in.

The return on your investment is seen instantly. An in office massage will help relieve tension, while instituting a calm, peaceful, and productive working environment. Rejuvenated employees finish projects ahead of schedule, work satisfaction shoots through the roof, and you are declared employer of the year (it’s possible!)

Everybody wins with Chair Massage.  We come to you as we have professional massage equipment that is completely portable.  We will arrive early to set up our supplies and equipment; you simply need to provide a space for us to set up shop.  Break rooms, conference rooms, empty cubicles – anywhere where you can send your employee for a few minutes of relaxing Chair Massage Therapy, will be perfect.